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to used Japanese vehicles business.

Company Profile


With over 20 years of success to its name, AA Japan is well recognized as a leader in the used Japanese car market, in and out of Japan. From the start, the company has always striven to cultivate trust with its stakeholders by providing only quality products with quality service to its clients .

We are fully aware of and greatly concerned with the hazards and risks of importing a used Japanese vehicle. Some potential customers have grown wary, or have been on the receiving end of these risks that they will buy the vehicles they want some other way, often at a much greater expense.

But here in AA Japan, we work for you to build long-term relationships based on mutual trust, understanding of needs, and professional integrity.

We are highly dedicated to our work, and do our utmost to make the Japanese used car market a place where individual customers and professional customers alike can purchase quality certified vehicles, completely confident in the export procedure service they will receive.

Company Information


Al Ain Japan Pvt Ltd



President and CEO:

Hameed Ramzan

Head Office:

DS BLDG, 1-28-21 Hayabuchi, Tsuzuki-Ku,
Yokohama-Shi, Kanagawa-Ken, 224-0025, JAPAN.


2 overseas offices.

Number of employees:

47 (domestic), 16 (overseas), Total: 63

Business Description:

Vehicle Exporter


99,000,000 JPY

Licence of Second Hand dealer:




Our Mission

Create long-term and rewarding relationships with customers as we provide them with vehicles that will grant them satisfaction and confidence.

As the world gets smaller every day, and boundaries are blurring as fast as a twitter feed gets updated, our company continues to push forward in bridging the unspoken divide between people and culture, class and success.

Our mission to provide our partners with vehicles that their customers are looking for is always at the top of our agenda. This mindset has provided us with the extra edge to build relationships all over the world that has lasted as long as our name.

AA Japan is on a mission: to satisfy a market that is vibrant, growing, and always competitive.

Our Vision

Open an opportunity for the world to purchase  a Japanese vehicle, confident in its quality, and competitive in its price.

The current world is full of startups and entrepreneurs. Anyone can now sell anything, from ideas to concept to products. Commerce and trade is now almost limitless in scope and reach. With new markets opening in parts of the world where there used to be none, AA Japan endeavors to help grow an existing one to its fullest potential. As a leader in the car trade business, our greatest motivation is grabbing every chance to open opportunities to anyone so they can confidently buy a vehicle from Japan with ease and confidence.

New markets will always come about. They are ready for their business to grow in leaps and bounds. Such markets are greedy, aggressive, and know their market’s needs. AA Japan will be alongside you, ready to assist, and grow your business together.