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AA Japan’s car stock includes more than 3,000 used vehicles from a host of Japanese automakers. We stock vehicles of European and American brands too. We also catalog commercial vehicles such as buses, trucks, machinery, construction equipment and more.

AA Japan’s car exporting services is backed by more than 20 years of experience in servicing car dealers worldwide. Just as impressive as our length of service is how extensive our selection of vehicles is to meet the demands of even the most careful and hard to please car dealer around.

Our stocks are from the widest range of Japanese and non-Japanese car brands, from the popular Honda, Toyota, and Nissan, BMW, Ford, and Mercedes Benz, to the more niche like Subaru, Chrysler, and Porsche.

To keep our collection in tiptop shape, we have several yards that house them, and professional mechanics that keep them maintained. Our stocks have a relatively rapid disposal rate due to the high number of independent car dealerships worldwide that have entrusted us to fill their stocks.

To see our vehicle stock, please visit www.aajapancars.com