Exporting Japanese Cars

With more than 25 years of experience in the Automobile Market, AA Japan is easily identified as one of the key leaders in the used Japanese car export industry.

We offer various business solutions to car traders, construction companies, and transport providers.

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Your satisfaction is our priority

After 22 years in the used vehicles export market, we have proven that AA Japan is a key player. All throughout, we have shown great professionalism and care in the services and products we offer; we provide the best possible vehicle solutions to our valued customers and partners.

For us, international development is key to success. That is why we are constantly developing our network to reach more customers and to get in touch with them directly. Every year, we deal with more than 10,000 customers throughout the world, and our reputation of quality has never faltered.

We strive, and we will consistently strive, to offer you quality cars at a low price along with the best customer services.

Hameed Ramzan, AA Japan President


Vehicle Stock

Our broad range of used Japanese cars and vehicles in stock is sourced directly from Japanese auction houses. Visit our Stocks page or contact us so we can find the cars you want.

Auction services

Your key to over 200 Japanese auction systems is just a single account. Create your access now with AA Japan Auction System.

Commercial Vehicles

With access to over a thousand quality Japanese commercial vehicles and equipment on auction, we can assist you in pushing your business towards the right direction.