We are a company whose lifeblood spells D-I-V-E-R-S-I-T-Y.

Just like our customers, our team is multicultural and multinational. We want to understand you, your culture and your background, that’s why our team is made up of people from around the world. This mix of cultures puts us in a better position to fulfill your needs.

AA Japan takes pride in the fact that behind its success are people from all walks of life. AA Japan is proudly blind from color, religion, status, or achievement. For us, if you’ve got the will, you’ve got the deal.

Yes. We speak your language.

Hameed Ramzan
Founder & President
Usui Izumi
Director / Shipping Manager
Kogawa Teruyuki
Director / General Manager
Muhammed Ashraf
Director / Account Manager
Mohammed Askhar
Director / Purchase Manager
Jaufer Muhammad
Director / Finance Manager
Mohamed Rizwan
Director / Shipping Manager
Fawaz Shamee
Director / Sales Manager
Mohamed Arshad
Director / Sales Manager
Charles Mimeaud
Director / Marketing Manager