Buy cars directly from Japanese auction houses using the AA Japan Auction System

Car dealers have always been the most important clients of AA Japan. Understanding your problems and finding solutions adapted to your needs is one of our goals.

When it comes to car auctions, the Japanese system has no competition. It has over 200 auction houses all over the country and over 130 000 cars on auction every week. Each auction house has its own unique system. For an individual car dealer, it may not be worth the time and effort to maintain many accounts to buy a couple or even ten cars every month or so.

As part of our guarantee to provide useful business solutions that meet customer needs, the AA Japan Auction System was created to so that a car dealer can access all the different systems with just one account. Our company’s Live Auction service is simple and straightforward to use.

The car auction is an exciting world with a select participant. It gives buyers higher transparency and better control of their budget. On our part, we provide post sale assistance like documents processing and logistics.

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