AA Japan opens Toyama Yard to export to Russia

Russia regularly imports JDM vehicles from Japan. However, with the frequency of cars in the many yards, some shipping companies charge extra to park and transport cars. To combat this, AA Japan opened their own yard to park vehicles exclusively for customers who ordered through them to make sure there are no extra charges when exporting.

FiLanka joins Tipo Hightech Eco Park

This Hightech Eco Park is a 200 hectare park that focuses on enhancing the economy through industrial efforts, easing transportation across the country and conveniently also located near the Subic Bay.

New Interface for Auction System

AA Japan introduces a more refreshing and modern interface to their auction system, allowing customers to enjoy a seamless and stress-free experience when browsing for vehicles they are interested in, all across Japan.

AA Japan opens new Chiba Yard

AA Japan took the logistics to our own hands when it came to opening the Chiba Yard. We are now able to promise our customer that AA Japan takes care of transporting, inspecting and shipping their valued vehicles, with experienced professionals, to their desired port of destination.

Partnership with FiLanka in Philippines

AA Japan partners with FiLanka Subic Corporation in the Philippines, a branch focused exclusively on commercial trucks of all kinds. Supplying the units to be sold in the Philippines, AA Japan hopes to aid the country’s continuous development in infrastructure and agriculture as these industries require heavy duty commercial vehicles, such as trucks and heavy equipment services.

AA Japan Opened Its Office In Kenya

On the 6th of February, AA Japan Kenya was formally inaugurated. Many car dealers develop a stronger relationship when their suppliers are physically present. The office offers exactly the same support as the Japanese office, without the issue of time difference getting in the way.

AA Japan Opened Its Office In Sri Lanka

AA Japan inaugurates in Colombo, Sri Lanka a new office and started its operation at the same time. This office offer sales services and support services for Japan headquarters.

Started Including HK, Korean And UK In Its Sources For Vehicles

Some habits are almost impossible to break, but in 2015, the company went ahead to try something new: source vehicles from other auction houses like the UK, Korea, and Thailand. This means that not only countries that are RHD can do business with AA Japan, also LHD countries.

Expension to Latin America’s Market

Sales record hit a high of 12 000 units. The company continued to strengthen its prominence in the global stage as it broke into already established markets like Paraguay. Increasing the number of dealer agents in this market was a goal met.

AA Japan give access to its Auction System to Car Dealers

AA Japan offered a business solution which allowed registered customers to be able to access the Japanese car auction directly from anywhere in the world. This system makes buying of cars very efficient for car traders as it eliminates factors like registration and verification of business, time difference, limit in options.

AA Japan starts exporting cars to Myanmar

In a sudden burst of economic activity and growth, Myanmar became an aggressive player in the car importing business. The year 2012, AA Japan found grounds to build a solid presence there.

AA Japan Acquires Its Headquarters Building In Yokohama

It was a challenging business year worldwide, but for the company it kept its focus on internal improvement of business practices. Despite the odds, AA Japan officially inaugurated and opened its headquarters in Tsuzuki Ward in Yokahama City.

Al Ain Co. Creates Its First Website, Started Transitioning To AA Japan

On this year, the company’s website was first created to cater to the strengthening direction of marketing trend. Digital marketing was strongly taking hold of the world and it made sense to take full advantage of it.

New Agents In Botswana And Chile

2005 marked a year of big moves for Al Ain Japan. First was its entry into Botswana, where Kobe Trading became one of its agents. Second was its foray into the South American market. South America is a lucrative market for Japanese cars. On this year, Colobo Motors in Chile agreed to become an exclusive agent of Al Ain Japan stocks.

Yahya Car Sales In Kenya Became An Exclusive Agent

Yahya Car Sales is one of Nairobi’s most dominant dealership. Within the next few years, Yahya would open two more branches, both exclusively supplied by Al Ain Japan.
Sometime before this year, Nippon Royal Co. transitioned to Al Ain Japan.

Nippon Royal Co. Embraced The Internet

The DSL and aDSL was introduced by ISP providers from the early 2000s. Exchange of data entered high-speed mode. This technological development made it possible for us to get closer to our customers all over the world. Everyone embraced emails and online chats and calls. It made communication and business transactions more personal and secure.

Nippon Royal Co Moved Its Office From Tokyo To Yokohama

The company moved it’s office from Tokyo to Yokohama, where it has since established its headquarters. Yokohama is home to Japan’s first international port. Even until now, the city is one of the friendliest to foreigners and to foreign businesses.

Hameed Ramzan Established Nippon Royal Co In Tokyo

In 1996, Mr. Hameed Ramzan came to Japan to start a company that was initially meant to supply his family’s car trading company with cars directly from Japanese auction houses. Armed only with knowledge of the car trade business, and some capital, he went on to establish the Nippon Royal Co. The company started with 3 people, himself and two others.